Saturday, April 25, 2015

My International Contact

When I had to set up an international contact for my blog assignments in this class, I did not really expect to be able to set up a correspondence. This was not something I expected to do nor wanted to pursue. However, I was utterly pleased when my correspondent responded with robust answers to my initial questions.

Fortunately, I was able to reach out to my three lab colleagues. They gave me names of prospective international early childhood educators. Only Kelly, the director of the Hong Kong co-enrollment (deaf and hearing) program, responded to my initial inquiry. I realized that this is one of the ways that early childhood educators can reach out and get input for some necessary issues.

I learned – which is my second consequence -- is that we were more alike than different. Her professional goals for herself and for her staff are the same as mine if I ran an early childhood program. Her aims for her students are the same as mine. She showed the same dedication as would any early childhood educator in the United States. Their funding ran out, and they came up with alternative sources. It was clear that issues of educating deaf children all over the world are pretty universal.

Third consequence, we are now increasingly global. We can reach out to them any time.

One way that we can utilize our international contacts is if we have a family that speaks a different language, it would be helpful to reach out to the international contacts that speak the family’s language and ask how we could help the family feel more welcome. Today we can even reach out to them through video. Another way would be to share research with each other.

When I visit Hong Kong, I feel as if I could stop by and visit her program.


  1. Isn't it amazing how the same we are. We think families want different things for their children but it is the same. Closing the global gap makes this realization more realistic for us. It was nice working with you

  2. Marla,
    Thank you for shining the light on international schools for the deaf. It is amazing to realize how more alike than different. Technology today is so amazing to think we can connect with someone so far away, is enough but then to actually have it happen...that's passion. Thank you for sharing