Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Supports

My Supports

My immediate family (husband and children) and my sisters provide me with the unconditional love, support, and confidence I need to go out in the world every day.

When my children were younger, they were my anchors. Today, they are young adults, and our relationship clearly is changed, but we are still eternally a family. I hope I lend my children unconditional love, support, and confidence as well.

My sisters – one in particular – were always my support system when I was growing up and today still are.

Today, my co-workers are also my support. We work well together to achieve our objectives and goals. Our workplace is a happy place because of the support from our lab director.

Finally, I have this one friend who supported me during the time our house got burned down. She invited my family to live with her and her husband; we stayed for a year and half. When our new home was built, we moved out of her house with heavy hearts because we loved every minute of our stay at their house. I learned from her how to extend kindness to others. We share a Christian faith, too.

With the faith I have, I trust that any of the challenges that come my way will be accompanied with supports I cannot anticipate as did happen with the loss of our home.