Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting to Know Your International Contact—Part 3

I feel fortunate that my professional conversation partner has been patient and responsive to my inquiries. She even gave me a list of approved courses where students can get their certificates or degrees when I asked if their early childhood educators have opportunities for professional development.

She gave me a link that has an overview of high-quality preschool program:

Her professional goals for herself is to continuously engage in professional development. Her professional goals are that her students have equal opportunity to learn and their potentials explored and to support parents by sharing her professional knowledge and experiences. Her dream is that all teachers for the Deaf will have better and professional training.

She believed that all Deaf children have equal opportunities to enroll in their school. They have at least one or two counseling sessions and classroom observations for parents. When they do decide to enroll in their co-enrollment program, they are then referred to partner kindergarten. The kindergarten teachers will interview with parents and observe the child’s learning and any other needs.

I hope that when I visit Hong Kong some day, I will get an opportunity to meet my email correspondent and her program. 


  1. Marla,
    That's great that your International contact has been responsive. I was lucky to get a great person from Venezuela that gave me a lot of great information about early education in her community. My hope is to stay in contact with my International contact.

  2. Marla,

    All of the professional goals of your contact are very inspirational and worthy goals. They give me inspiration for my own goals in the future! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marla,
    Your professional contact clearly has a gift of engaging the whole family in the educational journey. Great work.