Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jobs/Roles in the International ECE Community

It would be quite an adventure to travel to other countries and help Deaf children and their families. I would need to know the language and culture of the particular country before I can really become involved with them. Only one of those three international organizations had a page of employment opportunities. Unfortunately, it currently has no job openings.

Deaf Child Hope

Although the main goals are to support ministry opportunities that work with Deaf children around the world, I am drawn to two of their four initiatives. One is to provide scholarships for Deaf children who wish to further their education, and the second is to be an advocate for Deaf children by bringing attention to the plights of Deaf children in developing countries. Furthermore, they are focused on Deaf children because they are frequently overlooked by global humanitarian relief efforts. It is rare for Deaf children to receive an education. Unfortunately, there are no listed employment opportunities.

Help the Children: We Help Deaf Students!

Helping Deaf Children is one of their many programs. One of their missions is to help set up schools for Deaf children and provide them and their families with better health care.

Deaf Child Worldwide

It is an international arm of the National Deaf Children’s Society based in England. Their goal is to remove all barriers to the achievement of Deaf children throughout the world by empowering deaf children and their families, increasing awareness of the needs of Deaf children, and influencing and challenging key decision makers to make Deaf children a political priority. Their last goal meets my objective of being an advocate influencing policy, and unfortunately, there are no current employment opportunities. I need to keep an eye on this website for potential employment in the future.


  1. Hello Marla,

    Your search is amazing and it has given me ideas on how and where to go to help the deaf students at my school. As a developing country unfortunately we are very limited in the services offered to the deaf and hearing impaired community. I will surely use the international agencies you highligted to find information to work with the deaf children and families, especially the one which talks to advocacy.

    Blessing in all you undertake


  2. Marla,
    Goldie Ellison's post on International ECE Communities led me to this link. I thought you might like it:
    Would you work on a ship?

  3. Marla,
    I think those are some great international organizations that help deaf children. Coming from someone who has a hereditary nerve loss in my hearing and knowing it could be passed on to my future children, I am glad that there are such organization. It gives me hope for the future and people becoming more accepting of deaf children, and realizing that they can and should be allowed to succeed just like any other child. I wish you nothing but the best on your project! Good Luck!

  4. The international organizations seem to make such a greater impact of support. You touched on a very sensitive area. It looks like there is much hope and evolution for the children's future. I like the idea of educating people how to deal with a child who's hearing is impaired and also to create an inclusion program that updates the child with the disabilities and also informs the teacher, counselor of how to communicate with a deaf person. Great ideas and great post