Saturday, February 13, 2016

Using Social Media to Get Connected

I initially started using Facebook because that was one of some ways I could keep up with my children’s lives when they went off to college.  Either they would have to write weekly letters home or allow me to be their Friend! My children made right decisions!

Since that time, I have come to enjoy Facebook benefits along with its disadvantages. There is a lot of political and advocacy discourses on Facebook from which I formulate my thoughts and actions. I only wish that I were savvy at utilizing all of the social media in a way that all of these contribute to my advocacy efforts.

I have Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts, and I don’t use them much. Friends tell me that they use one or the other, but usually not all of them together. I have seen how my colleagues have adeptly utilized all of them together to promote their causes, and I am still learning how to do so.  Instead of leading as an advocate, I am a great follower. That’s different from trolling!

I have seen first hand the power of social media advocacy where people change their minds. I have seen how some people more adeptly utilize social media to create new ideas.

One thing that I thoroughly enjoy and have been trying to set up is a blog. Maybe when I finish my graduate studies, I can devote more energies to my blog which will allow me to create more influence steps through twitter, and YouTube.

All of this is hard work and takes time; time is something I don’t have much as long as I am in graduate program and working full time. I dream of mastering social media advocacy some day!


  1. Marla,

    I too am learning how to use social media more effectively in my advocacy. I have tried to use Twitter for years and I guess I'm too old but I cannot figure that one out! I do agree that social media is a great tool for advocacy!


  2. Marla,
    Using social media is definitely a struggle at times. It is difficult sometimes to tell true information from false. It is also difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for if you are not familiar with the forum. I enjoy learning how to use social media for advocacy efforts from others that are successful at doing so. For now that is pretty much where I'm at.