Sunday, February 7, 2016

Advocacy Messages

“A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.”

It is an advocacy campaign to solicit donations for United Negro College Fund (UNCF) so they can send minority students to college. It is indeed sad when minority students are unable to attend college because of cost. We all value our brain/minds; and when we do not help to send minority students to college, their talents or gifts are lost.

Teach Well. Explore Solutions. Develop Expertise…Change Lives

There was an advertisement for a university graduate/doctoral program that was on Council for Exceptional Children website. I like it, and thought that the teacher/advocate in this class would appreciate the message. This message promotes the idea that to change children’s lives, you would need to learn to teach well, willing to explore solutions, and thus develop expertise.


  1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste; I haven't seen that message in such a long time; I need to use it more in my work life. Great post.


  2. Marla,
    I was fortunate to receive many scholarship opportunities throughout my Undergraduate journey through the UNCF Fund because I attended a HBCU ( Historically Black College/University). The first executive director, William Trent was coined in supporting
    historically black colleges so they could become “strong citadels of learning, carriers of the American dream, seedbeds of social evolution and revolution". All children and youth need someone to assist along the way toward making them great.