Friday, July 10, 2015

My Family Culture

Now, if I were to take three small items, I would not know what. Honestly, I have thought hard about what three items I would take with me. I have asked my husband and my son, and they did not know either. I do not know what artifacts in our house represent our family culture. I know what I want to take for my own sanity.

First is all blankets I have in the house because I am always cold!
Second is my laptop that has all of my ideas, thoughts, and papers I wrote.
I cannot think of a third item that I would have to take with me.

If I had to choose just one item to keep, I would keep my laptop because, with it, I can entertain myself with captioned movies, write blogs, use it to communicate with others, and look at family photos.

The only insight I can share is that I have never been materialistic although I appreciate fine things. After a devastating home fire in 2006, we are less attached to our stuff. After we recovered from the loss and rebuilding of our home, we now belong to a very special club – those who lost their homes to fires and rebuilt them.

If you live in Southern California as I do, you are always prepared for wildfires every year. There’s a culture associated with preparing for the wildfires. First, you watch for warnings to evacuate the area. Sometimes, you would be asked to evacuate your home. When and if you have time, you take only the 3Ps – people, pets, and photos. That’s what we all think when preparing to evacuate.

There are not very many items I would take with me other than the three Ps, and, after this exercise, my laptop! That does sound very privileged, and I know my family is.


  1. Hi Marla
    I could not imagine how you and your family must feel to have lost everything you have worked so hard for. One important thing you can say is that everyone’s life was spared and you can thank God for that. It’s great you were able to rebuild and move forward it is good that there are others there in this special club who everyone can lean on. Photos are very important because you can’t lose those precious moments having them there to look at. I think your 3 Ps are great to carry.

  2. Marla,
    I had to think a lot about the items I would take, and the items I would leave. I like that you mentioned taking your blanket. I love quilts and I also stay cold. I had to look around my house more than once for this exercise. I am glad your family was able to recover well from the fire.

  3. Hi Marla,
    I am so sorry to hear what you have been through with the wildfires in your area of California and how you have to be prepared every fire season. I totally understand your reference to only caring about the 3 Ps: people, pets, and photos are the only things that really matter. I thinnk I would add one more P: papers (meaning important documents like passports, birth certificates, etc.). Aside from those things, almost everything else can be replaced. And I also agree with you about not being that attached to things. I had difficulty selecting my 3 items too and I thought long and hard tool. I considered my laptop as well but decided on my smartphone instead just because it is smaller and more portable. Thanks so much for sharing your story!