Saturday, January 17, 2015

Relationships Reflections

The relationships that keep me going are family and close friends.

                                                         (I am on the left.)
My sisters: I have three sisters, and between the four of us, there is a five-year difference. So while growing up, we were really close, and today, we still are. Each sister has different traits, and I love each one of them for different reasons. We try and have managed to successfully get together every year, especially at family weddings. I feel blessed to have them as a big part of my life.

                           (my family last June during our trip to Egypt)
My husband and children: my husband and now my grown children have become my sounding boards. Whenever I struggle about an issue, and talk it out with my husband, he would have astonishing suggestions for how to remedy the issues. My children had always been my anchor, and now that they are young adults, I love talking with them because they keep me young and humble. I feel very fortunate I can still keep in touch -- through technology -- with my son who lives in China. They all have wonderful sense of humors, an important trait when stuff become too serious.

My political friends: I have always been political and love talking about issues and ideas. It takes very special people to love me for my political soapbox that I am always standing on. We share same values and outlooks and are working really hard on some common political issues.

Now, at the end of the day, these two dogs are my raison d’etre for my life. (don’t worry, my husband feel the same way about those two dogs.)

Maintaining relationships with even my sisters and friends is extremely challenging. I have a full-time job and taking classes. That leaves me little time to maintain relationships, and I worry about that frequently. I get away with that a little because I am their "little baby sister."

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  1. Marla,
    Your pictures are very nice. It is always good to see a family that is so close. I have 2 sisters, but we are not close today. Growing up we were, but I don't know what happened as we got older. My relationships consist of co-workers and friends. Many of family members are in different states. As you stated, working full time jobs can sometimes place a strain on maintaining a relationship. I think that has happened to me and my sisters.