Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Political Will to Improve Early Childhood Systems

In researching and working on Week 5 assignments, I was drawn to a number of strategies that organizations use to influence political will toward improving early childhood systems. Most of them have websites full of information to share with others with similar interests in early childhood systems.

Some of them would sponsor research and conferences. Some of them would have articles or blog posts arguing for or against a specific policy or issue. Some other articles would be written as summaries of research findings about a specific topic. And yet others are information sharing articles.

Some organizations like Children’s Defense Fund would have campaigns for specific issues like “Protect Children Not Guns” and encourage supporters to take action like organizing community activities. Another website, SparkAction, has a campaign geared toward tracking federal budget.

Personally, I am interested in writing articles in support or opposition to issues and outlining reasons for support or not. That seems to be where my strength is: my ability to put together all of the supporting data and writing about it. Indeed, I enjoy doing it.


  1. Marla,

    The strength of the ability to collect and effectively compose data in ways in which people can understand specific issues is very important and needed. I found some of the resources difficult to read and understand because of the way in which they were explained. Great post.


  2. Marla,
    I like your ideas! I also like the idea of writing articles to raise awareness of issues, and I think it is important to use research based ideas and information within the articles. This will make it easier for people outside of the field to grasp. Thank you for sharing!